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NFT Marketplace

The GREED NFT marketplace was CREATED FOR ARTISTS with unique benefits available only within the GREED ecosystem.


The GREED "Public” minting collection uses the public minting contract that is owned by Greed the same way the other NFT Marketplaces own their contracts, not the user. 
The main benefits of the GREED NFT marketplace are with the private contracts we offer you where you as the artist own the contract and can sell the NFT’s you mint through that contract on any & all NFT Market places you choose because you own the contract. YOUR ART, YOUR CONTRACT.  GREED custom contracts also offer features unique to the GREED ecosystem.


Contact us for your own customized contract based on the needs of your project. If you are not sure which features best suit your project we can guide you and further customize any options needed for your project.

GREED NFT Marketplace
GREED NFT Marketplace
GREED MFT Marketplace

Custom Contract Features Offered

Group 131.png
Price Floor Stabilizer.png
Group 129.png
Guarantee Image.png
Group 128.png
Split Wallets.png
NFT Utiliies.png

Interested in any of our custom contract features?  Contact Us.


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